Basket Bag - Blue and white
Basket Bag - Blue and white

Basket Bag - Blue and white

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Passionately handwoven in round string Canela eco-friendly plastic. This elegant basket bag has been specifically designed for exceptional endurance and resistance to wear and tear. Showcasing a luxurious combination of artesanal, fresh and ethnic feels. This never-full mini basket is a timeless piece, perfect for that inner adventure spirit in you but still not giving up style. Easily washable. Made with love by Mexican hands for the rest of the globe. 


(We do not recommend the pompon.)



  • Colors: Blue and White
  • Composition: Recycled Plastic
  • Made in: Mexico / Designed in: Panamá, City. 
  • Care: Easily Washable 
  • Material: Highly Resistant 


Fairly Big Tote Size Bag:

  • Measures: 26x24x10 cm
  • Weight: 1 lb

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