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Our story begins in the tropical city of Panama, where brand owner was inspired by nature to create a practical, elegant and most importantly ethically sourced beach bag for the global woman.

Our Canela totes, picnics and javas are handwoven with recycled plastic threads by talented artisans in neglected areas of society, giving them a new chance of expression and employment.

 Discarded plastic is classified, recycled and molded into the prime material that artisans use to create the Canela bags, showcasing a unique combination of fresh and ethnic feels for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Canela Bags focus in simple and timeless designs. Our java, picnic and tote, are easily foldable, washable and ready for wear & tear. The perfect gift to store or carry all of his & her most needed essentials.

Canela will continue to carry out new designs and explore new materials to add into the sustainable and artisanal line of products that define the brand.



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