Hey Babes, we got your back! Learn how to fix your loose ends.🙌

Don't worry if your beautiful bag has a loose end after a lot of wear and tear. We will teach you how to fix it to make your summer beach tote look like new!! Remember this are artisanal bags that have already been given a second life as they are made out of recycled plastic. They are meant to last a lifetime so hop-on and check out how easy is to fix this upsy ends.🤩
These bags are woven to left direction, you have to check on which side your loose end is located. For example in the picture, my loose end is on the right side, so I have to go to the left side and locate the end of the line.  
You can use a screwdriver, a pen, scissors or even a big needle to pull the lines to fix it.  You don't have to go one by one, I jump every four or five lines to pull again.  
When you are close to the end of the line just take your scissors and cut gently the plastic. As the picture shows your bag will be perfectly fixed. 
You are now ready to go!